Sandwich Panel

sandwich panels can be manufactured with the PU/PIR reaction mix is first laid down on one metal facing. During the expansion process, rigid polyurethane foam passes through a tacky phase, which enables it to form a strong bond with the facings. The insulating effect of PU/PIR foams is much better than that of mineral wool, for example, a layer of PU/PIR ten centimeters thick has a heat transfer coefficient of around 0.25 W/m2K. A rough estimate of what this difference means in terms of energy consumption can be made based on the example of a factory building.

Self-supporting metal panel system insulated with rockwool for roof and wall applications, which require a high degree of fire resistance and high degree sound insulation. The HIPERTEC® ROOF panel, manufactured in accordance with a system patented by Metecno, consists of a profiled external steel sheet and an internal micro-ribbed steel sheet, with an insulation core of orientated fibre high density rockwool, arranged perpendicularly to the plane of the panel and positioned in strips, laid longitudinally with off-set joints and transversely compacted, in such a way as to completely fill the space between the metal facings.

Maximum panel length: L = 15,500 mm.

For additional technical information, refer to the HIPERTEC® ROOF technical manual.

Metecno sandwich-panels are highly sophisticated building products, produced with profiled Pre- Painted Zinc Coated / Galvalume Coated Steel and combined with Polyurethane as the insulation material.

With a wide range of different colours, cut-to-length in our factory and supplied ready-to-install, our modern building products will take a good share in a highly economic, weather-independent and fast, modular building process.

We shall also be manufacturing Sandwich Puff Panels for Cold Room applications Beside the extremly high thermal-insulation values of the polyurethan-core, the panels create a high overall stiffness with there "composite" function and therefore support verygood statical values.