We are dealing with: The Products:

  1. Manufacturer/Profiler for prepainted Galvaliume Colour coated Troughed      Sheets,Royal tiles,GI, Aluminium with Famous Steel companys.
  2. Marketing All Types of Poly Carbonate sheets like Multiwall, Compact,&      Embossed sheets from Popular Brands BayerMakrolon, Lazerlite, & Sunlite.
  3. Distributor for Metecno ‘sandwitch” Insulated panel.
  4. Distributor for ‘Air Comfort” Brand Turbo Ventilator.
  5. Insulated puff sheets
  6. All accessories connected with Roofing
  7. Well accepted All Types of Fabrication works .

Technical Specification

Energy selective Makrolon Multi IQ-Relax comprises opal white sheets ideal for glazing applications in the roofs of closed buildings such as conservatories winter, gardens, pergolas, Industrial buildings.They have a built-in 'Intelligence" system that automatically adjusts to ambient conditions. IQ Relax which have higher selectivity as they allow more light into a building, but less heat-giving you the best of both worlds: The heat reduction of up to 13oC compared with standard sheets