Roofing Sheets

The Roofing Sheets are made from Metallic G. I. Colour Coated Sheets with RMP, HDPE, SMP and PVDF2 Colour Coating, Galvalume Steel or Combination of Zinc and Aluminium coating is 150 GSM = AZ 150. The coating ratio is 55% Aluminium + 43.5% Zinc + 1.5% Silicon including both surfaces as per ASTM 1446, Grade E/ASTM-A-792 or from Galvalume Colour Coated material, depending upon the customer's choice. Basic material used is C. R. 240 MPA Steel, the Zinc coating (including both surface) is 120 GSM, 180 GSM, 275 GSM. 18 to 20 microne Colours available are appliance Off White, Blue, Green and Brick Red, Terra cotta, Gray, etc. We have in house facilities to manufacture Roofing Accessories such as Ridges, Eaves, Apron, Gutter, Capping, Flashing and North Light Curves Trap Sheets etc. in suitable required size and shape.

  1. Galvalume
  2. Alluminium Profile Sheet
  3. Corrugated Sheet
  4. Crimped Sheet
  5. Curve sheet

Troughed Sheets

Troughed sheets are widely used in residential and industrial purpose. Troughed sheets from Arya, is synonymous with the quality. Precisely roll formed by computerized roll forming machines ensure perfect seating. It is a value for money to the invester, no matter whether it is a terrace top shelter or construction fencing. Troughed sheet provides incredible strength and safety to the roof. A real choice of Architects and Engineers due to its amazing aesthetic manifestation.

Raw Materials :- Galvanized Iron, Galvalume & Aluminium Coils

Corrugated Sheets

Corrugated Sheets with a traditional look, are built to last manufactured from high quality steel coils with superior coating from the most reputed suppliers in India. Corrugated sheets are very common in the industry because of its affordable cost, availablity in different colors of customer's choice.

Raw Materials :- Galvanized Iron, Galvalume , aluminium sheet.